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Morninga & Chipotle

Morninga & Chipotle

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Ceremonial Cacao - Earth Element: Nourish Your Roots with Moringa and Chipotle

Would you like to have more stability in your life and relationships? Choose this blend to strengthen your physical body and bring you back to your roots. A wonderful choice before meditating.

The Sacred Elements Blends were created to help you harness the qualities of each of the four sacred elements. With each blend, you will receive instructions on how to conduct the sacred ritual of Cacao ceremony, as well as access to a guided meditation that will assist you on your journey.

Ingredients: 100% Ceremonial Cacao, Moringa, Chipotle Chili

Unlike cocoa powder, ceremonial Cacao has not been defatted and requires warm water and thorough blending for it to mix well.

Serving Size:
A ceremonial serving is 42 grams. and a meditation serving is 28 grams. 1 kg makes 35 servings.

Attention: There are no emulsifiers in Cacao Lab's Cacao. This may lead to the naturally occurring fats in the Cacao to separate from the solids and create white spots or a thin white layer on your Cacao. This is called blooming and is normal. The properties of the Cacao remain intact and its quality does not change.




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